Turning Social Media Moments into Social Movements

How We Helped Our Client Turn an Appearance in a Viral Video into Something Even Bigger

You probably saw the video on Facebook, your local news or even the Today show or Good Morning America. An 11-month-old girl named Piper tries on a tiny pair of pink glasses. The realization that she can finally see her parents’ faces clearly for the first time puts a beaming smile on her face that lights up the room – and warms your heart.

That life-changing moment happened to take place at a Flipdaddy’s restaurant in Newport, KY. But you may have already known that too since the Flipdaddy’s logo is clearly displayed behind Piper in the cell phone camera video.

As Flipdaddy’s digital marketing partner, we were as astounded as everyone else to see the video reach over 40 million Facebook views and attract worldwide attention. While many questioned if the video was just a marketing ploy (it was not), we did feel the need to help our client harness the power of all that attention.

After discussing it with Flipdaddy’s, we recommended turning the awareness of the Flipdaddy’s brand into awareness of a cause – the need for children under the age of one to receive eye exams. A subsequent meeting with Dr. Josiah Young, Piper’s optometrist, further expanded our strategic vision.

Flipdaddy’s made a donation to InfantSee® and a local Lions Club in Piper’s name. The donation to InfantSee® helps 7,300 optometrists across the country raise awareness of the need for infant eye care. InfantSEE-affiliated doctors provide a one-time, comprehensive eye assessment to infants in their first year of life at no cost. While the donation to the Lions Club helps fund comprehensive eye exams and preventive care for those in need in Northern Kentucky.

WCPO News StoryIn order to get the word out about the cause, we organized a celebration for Piper and her family at the same Flipdaddy’s location where the moment was captured. Dr. Young and his staff, the local Lions Club president, and local media outlets were also invited. In total, nearly 50 attendees enjoyed a night of complimentary food and drinks, while local ABC affiliate, WCPO, and Fox19-WXIX interviewed Piper’s parents, Dr. Young and the Flipdaddy’s leadership team.

News stories about the event were later featured on those channels’ 11 p.m. broadcasts as well as in the Cincinnati Enquirer. The message conveyed was that Flipdaddy’s donations should just be the start of a movement to bring more awareness of the need for eye exams for children. In fact, Flipdaddy’s challenged everyone who has watched the video to make a donation to InfantSee® or his/her local Lions Club.

Piper and her family continue to share their story to hopefully give that same first thrilling moment of clarity to another young child. The experience certainly opened our eyes to the power of a parent’s love to bring a brand, a cause and a community together.

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