Cincinnati-based digital marketing company Brand Populace, Inc. recently announced its partnership with Stone Mountain Park to promote Atlanta’s Official Winter Wonderland.

Brand Populace worked with Stone Mountain Park’s Interactive Marketing Department to develop digital display ads and rich-media creative to promote Stone Mountain Park’s popular holiday attraction, Stone Mountain Christmas, as well as Snow Mountain, the region’s only snow park.

“Thank you for all of your help making this a successful Christmas and Snow Mountain season for us. You have gone above and beyond to make sure we have compelling creative, and we are very happy!” stated Stone Mountain’s Interactive Marketing Manager to Mike Adams, Brand Populace Founder.

In addition to homepage rich-media for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution web site, Brand Populace also developed display ads to create general awareness of the Christmas and snow attractions, as well as promote family value passes and Marriott winter getaway packages that ran on a multitude of websites.

About Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park is Georgia’s most popular attraction and one of the top historical attractions in the U.S. Home to the world’s largest freestanding piece of exposed granite, Stone Mountain Park also features a historical Memorial Carving which is the world’s largest relief sculpture. The 3,200-acre park includes more than a dozen attractions, historical and natural sights, two Marriott hotels, Georgia’s largest campground, two championship golf courses, and expansive natural woodlands with hiking trails.

About Brand Populace, Inc.

Founded in 2009, Brand Populace, Inc. is a Cincinnati-based digital marketing company that partners with brands to make compelling connections with people. Along with solid marketing strategy, passionate creative and the latest technology, the company specializes in digital marketing, digital media planning and buying, creative, design and development, social media, mobile, gamification, and measurement and analytics.

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